Homunculus Leveling Guide

Obtaining a Homunculus

  1. Get a the bioethics quest by following this guide
  2. Obtain an Embryo
  3. Get the Call Homunculus skill to summon your preferred homunculus

Leveling Maps

Leveling a homunculus generally follows three stages.

Level 1 - 20 Payon Field

Kill Spore and Boa. You have to start here since your homunculus is a bit soft at the start.

Level 21-70/80 Payon Cave Level 1 or Ant Hell

By level 21, the homunculus can generally tank all the mobs in Payon Cave and Ant Hell. You can now stay here.

Orc Dungeon

Welcome home! Once your homunculus can handle mobs in Orc Dungeon 1 or 2, you can move here already. You’ll stay here until you max out your homunculus.

Vanilmirth and Filir could move here by level 70 but Lif and Amistr might need more levels. Just check if your homunculus is killing the mobs fast enough.

Leveling your Alchemist with your Homunculus

You might be interested in the Alchemist class due to the AFK leveling posibility. Since Homunculus only gives you Base Experience and zero Job Experience, it is strongly advised not to do this until level 80. Use the Mercenary first since it could give you job experience.