Mercenary AI

AzzyAI provides users with a graphical interface to modify the User AI for both the Mercenary and Homunculus systems in Ragnarok Online. It was last updated in November 2014 since the program’s author stopped playing Ragnarok Online in mid-2016. However, with the current update of GGH, it is still fully functional.

The GGH Admin said that the use of Azzy AI is allowed and is not considered as an illegal third party software (source). Therefore, there should be no issues in using this tool.


This guide was initially writen for the Homunculus AI, but was quickly adapted for Mercenary AI. This guide is intended to just get you started. It is by no means an exhaustive explanation. Please read the full documentation for more detailed tactics.

Initial Set up

  1. Download AzzyAI 1.551 from the official site. Download only the Download AzzyAI 1.551 since we are only modifying the USER_AI in this guide. Based on experience, this ensures that your default AI is the same as what the GGH admin intended. This precaution is important since there are instances when the customized AI is lagging. azzyai_dlpage

  2. Extract the zip file to a location that you can easily access. Windows Explorer can easily open zip files now.
  3. Locate your Ragnarok Online folder. Typically, it should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Gravity Game Hub\RagnarokOnline
  4. Find the USER_AI folder located under RagnarokOnline\AI\USER_AI. Backup the contents of this folder because we have to delete everything to install Azzy AI.
  5. Now, delete all the files inside USER_AI.
  6. Copy the contents of the AzzyAI 1.551 into the USER_AI folder. If you did everything correctly, your USER_AI folder should look like the image below (there are more files, but that is the general content). **Set-up is now complete. **

    User AI Folder

Loading the USER_AI

  1. In game, type /merai. The prompt should read The Mercenary will follow custom AI. (To return to the basic AI, just type /merai again.)
  2. Character select to load the new AI.
  3. If you did not encounter any errors, you have successfully customized your AI. Congratulations! Else, please repeat the initial set-up.

Basic Setting Modifications

  1. Mercenary is not attacking.

    Inside the User AI Folder open the AzzyAIConfig.exe. Go to the 4th Tab Mercenary Tactics and click Default Summon. Change the Basic Behavior to Attack (high).


  2. Use AOE Skills even on single target.

    If you are using the free Alice Mercenary or Thyla - 6th Grade Spearman Mercenary, their SP regen is very high that they can easily spam their AOE skills without running out of SP. It is best to use the AOE skills even on single targets.


  3. Mercenary using Provoke.

    If you do not want the Mercenary to cast Provoke, go to the 2nd Tab Mercenary and find UseProvokeOwner and change this to Never. You may want to do this if you are not attacking. Provoke has some benefits too (I will leave you to read on that).



  1. You get 14 Alice Mercenary from the Level Up Box.

    Level Quantity
    Lv 1 1
    Lv 10 1
    Lv 20 2
    Lv 30 2
    Lv 40 2
    Lv 50 3
    Lv 60 3
  2. Once you reach Lv65, You can purchase Thyla - 6th Grade Spearman Mercenary from The Spearman Mercenary Guild in Prontera (prontera 41, 337).

Leveling Guide

Mercenary Monsters

Suggested Route

Until First Job Change
Finish the tutorial and change job. Check the guide. It details the novice to 1st job change. Always go to the guild house of your desired first job.

Lv06 - 11 : pay_fild02 ( Payon –lower right–> X )

Kill Spores and Worm Tails until you reach Lv12. Pickup Strawberry and Flywing whenever you can for zeny.

Use the 2 hour unlimited Fly Wing once you get it from the Level up Box at Lv10.

Lv12 - 29 : pay_dun00 ( Payon –upper right–> pay_arce –upper right–> X )

Kill Zombie and Skeleton until you reach Lv30. Pickup Opal, Jellopies, and Skull Ring.

Start to learn how to gather mobs. Maximize the AOE of Alice.

Lv30 - 39 : gef_fild03 ( Prontera –Kafra Warp–> X )

Kill Orcs. Pickup Orcish Voucher and Cyfar. Sell the Orcish Voucher to Buying Vends and the Cyfar to the NPC.

Orcs hits harder so always make sure that you have sufficient pots. The free Red Slim potions would be sufficient for now but Orange Potions will make your grind easier.

Be careful of Orc Lord. Use Flywing as soon as you see it.

Lv30 - 39 : gef_fild10 ( Prontera –Kafra Warp–> gef_fild03 –lower right–> X )

This is optional. The mobs are the same but there are more Orc Lady here.

Be careful of the Orc Hero. Use Fly Wing as soon as you see it.

Lv40 - 67 : orcsdun02 ( Prontera –Kafra Warp–> gef_fild03 –upper left–> orcsdun02 –down–> X )

You should be more skilled in luring mobs now. Move here once you reach Lv40. Pickup Zenorc Fang, Rough Oridecon, Rough Elunium, and Shining Stone when you can but you should avoid getting hit a lower levels. By Lv55, your stay here will improve.

Stay here until you are Lv67 and by then you should have reached Job Lv50.

Lv68 - 79 : pay_dun02 ( Payon –upper right–> pay_arce –upper right–> pay_dun01 –lower right–> pay_dun02 –lower right–> X )

This is the farthest map in this suggested leveling route. Kill Archer Skeleton, Munak, and Bongun. If you are lucky, you might get an Archer Skeleton Card. Skip Soldier Skeleton since they are low level mobs. Avoid Ninetales as it can kill your Mercenary.