Vend Search: Universal Catalog Silver

Given the increasing population of vendors in Prontera and other major maps, finding a the item that you are looking for is tedious. Luckily, we can use the Universal Catalog Silver to search for the item within shops. Universal Catalog Silver allows us to search for items from vends.

from ratemyserver source:

The item could be bought from the Catalog Magian in Eden at 200z each. Discount does not affect its price and you can only hold up to 50 items at a time. It could be placed in a cart through if you want to buy in huge numbers.

catalog magician location

The search function is case sensitive and it requires the exact name of the item.

wrong search

correct search

The specific shop could be found by double left clicking the Shop Name. A white cross mark will be show in the map as seen in the image below.

finding shop 1

Once you are near the shop, you can see that the vend is highlighted (yellow vs normal white vends).

finding shop 2